Children & Teens

Children and teenagers have high-sensory perception but often don’t know how to utilize or channel it. This is partly due to trauma or toxic stress in their environment. Either at home

, socially or school, toxic stress is effecting their developing minds and body. It is important that they are taught about the power within themselves to build a foundation that allows them to ground. Being present and in their body helps children (and teens) with potential challenges at school, with family, friends, etc. When they understand how to use their own energy and mind along with spirit, they are empowered to heal their own body.  Joanne has worked as a Pediatric Clinical Assistant for over 15 years. Using her pediatric experience and healing services she works with children and teens regarding behavioral, medical and neurological conditions as well as Autism with an astounding success rate. Joanne also provides sports massage for athletes.

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30 min: $50
1 hour: $85
(5) 30 min session: $250 package

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