Remote Biofield Healing

Similar to the Healing & Massage, Joanne’s Distance Healing incorporates much of the same alignment techniques on an emotional, spiritual and even physical level. A great example of energy working from a distance is something most of us use every day: our cell phones. Of course, we could get into the physics and science and so on of how it works, but the human body is no different than a cell phone. And, as such, communication on an energetic level between two people is as simple as communication between two cell phones. Joanne typically will schedule your Distance Healing session for an hour that you will be asleep although the sessions can be scheduled at any time. After your session is completed, she will then write up and send a detailed report of the healing for your review.

CLICK HERE to schedule your session or call 916-595-4843

Initial session: $150
60 min follow-up: $100
30 min tuneup: $65
(5) 30 min tuneup package: $300
(5) 60 min tuneup package: $500