Divine Alchemy Workshop

4-hour intensive

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We have experienced a Galactic Shift and our nervous system is learning how to calibrate the Divine Energy that is streaming to us from our higher self and the collective consciousness. This new energy is not going away and each of us has an opportunity to shift into higher states of consciousness, while being grounded and present in the physical world. This class teaches just how to do that. The workshop is for all levels of consciousness. It is designed to empower self healing and bring awareness to the life force energy that surrounds and lives through us all.

Be your Own Alchemist

Learn how to shift and clear your energy body and physical space.

Gain Insight and Wisdom through:
Energy Body Anatomy
Biofield Healing


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, Art, Life Force Movement

This workshop will offer tangible techniques as well as, one on one Biofield Healing with one of our skilled practitioners.

Cost: $500

Joanne Elise LeeĀ 
LMT, Biofield and Spiritual Practitioner, Shaman

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